Cigarette Case Poker Camera

Cigarette Case Poker Camera Cigarette Case Poker Camera

Product Description:

Cigarette case is such an ordinary item you can put on the table easily when playing cards. With the micro camera hidden perfectly in it, others won’t notice the difference while the cigarette case poker camera can scan the barcode of our processed playing cards and send information to the matching CPU to check and feedback you the best hand. The result will come out within 0.5 second and you can make a wise decision in the poker games.

Top features:
1. Appearance: Cigarette case
2. Function: scan barcodes and catch image of the decks instantly.
3. They are easy smart cameras: All Auto Focus to catch clear image date instantly and report to CPU and feedback to you by mini earphone.

Detail Information of cigarette case poker camera:
Camera distance: 20-60cm
Battery Time: Less than 1hour
Signal Distance: 3m
Camera Components: Sensitive film, Microprocessor, the sleeve, the imaging lens, the power, infrared light, a signal emitter

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