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New AKK Texas and Omaha Analyzer

New AKK Texas and Omaha Analyzer

New AKK Texas and Omaha Analyzer

Product Description:

AKK is a well-known brand of analyzers and lots of people have used its products or have heard about it. There are series of products in AKK. Nowadays we get the latest AKK Texas and Omaha Analyzer, which is also called new K3 analyzer.

Product Description
The New AKK Texas and Omaha Analyzer is latest scanning system with some similar functions of other scanning systems. It can be used to make phone calls, send messages, play music or video, surf the net and play an important part as a poker analyzer.
What’s more, it has more advantages than normal poker analyzers:
Firstly, it has a local scanning camera in the machine itself. The scanning distance is 25-45cm. During this distance, you don’t need to buy another scanning camera any more.
Secondly, it can show the result of the game on the screen. You can read it directly as well as hear the result by earpiece.
Thirdly, it can be remote- controlled by a controller. You can increase or decrease the number of players during the game easily by the controller.

The AKK analyzer works with other products as a set, including the following devices:
1, AKK analyzer;
2, scanning camera;
3, earpiece;
4, barcode marked cards;

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