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Latest Infrared Glasses

Latest Infrared Glasses

Latest Infrared Glasses Latest Infrared Glasses

Don't you think that the players of WSOP are very cool with sunglasses?

Do you want to be cool with a fashionable sunglasses like them when playing pokers?

Our latest infrared sunglasses will be your ideal choice. It can not only make you cool like wearing normal sunglasses, but also help you a lot in enjoying the poker games. And of course, it's popular for the poker magic shows and useful in self-defense.

Product Description

Infrared Sunglasses are one of the most original products processed by our company and this is the latest product of the infrared glasses. The new infrared sunglasses has unique silver lens while other infrared glasses all get purple lens, which is a big progress that makes it looks the same as normal sunglasses in the looks of lens and styles. And what’s more, it can see the invisible marks of marked poker cards clearly in various lights condition.

Features of the Latest Infrared Glasses:

1, O degree

2, PVC eyelens in silver

3, The same size and looks with normal glasses

4, Fashion in Aviator style

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