Modiano Blackjack Marked Cards

Marked Modiano Blackjack Poker Size Jumbo Index - Single Deck

Modiano Blackjack Marked Cards Modiano Blackjack Marked Cards

The cards were finely processed by our technician with special machine and ink that only with our special sunglasses or infrared contact lenses, can you see the invisible marks on bottom of the cards.

The marks indicate suits and numbers, which come with two colors: black or white.

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Product Description:

Modiano Blackjack, one of best marked cards in European poker club entertainment. Material: 100% plastic, ensure you buy the original binding quality cards, well know as playable with high durability, resilience and label sharpness.
Poker designation: 3.5 inches tall by 2.50 inches wide.
Jumbo Index: refers to size of the pip (the letter or/and number in the corner of the card). A jumbo indexed card features: larger pip but smaller picture in the middle than a regular index.
Two colors are available for cards: Blue and Red.
Invisible ink marks: indicate suits and numbers. Mark Colors: black or white.

What helps you win in the poker game?
What should work together with luminous mark cards? UV or IR contact lenses for marked cards and Sunglasses, is the simplest way and only need one person operation in the game. Just wear our lenses or sunglasses; you will detect the invisible marks on back of playing cards.

Modiano Blackjack Marked CardsModiano Blackjack Marked Cards

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Content:How much is it? And how can I buy?
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry here. We will call you or email you information soon. Nice day!

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